First Friday Art Walk Feb 3rd, 2023

Blue Wing Gallery Featured Art is In Honor Of Harry Curieux Adamson
Friday Feb 3rd, 2023; 6pm – 8pm

First Friday Art featured art is by Harry Curieux Adamson Adamson Harry is described by internationally famous wildlife artist David Maass as “unsurpassed when it comes to portrayals of wildfowl on the wing in their natural surroundings.” Wildlife artist Owen Gromme says Adamson is simply “one of the finest waterfowl artists in the world.”

Throughout his lengthy career, Adamson has observed, studied and painted the colorful participants in the massive annual waterfowl migration. Although best known for his landscapes awash with flocks of mallards and pintails, on occasion, Adamson has painted bighorn sheep, condors and falcons, and the unusual and colorful tropical birds encountered during his many trips abroad. The Meaning and History of Blue Wing Gallery Blue Wing Gallery may seem like an unusual name for a Fine Art Gallery It is, until you know how it came to be.

Our name was chosen from the title of the well-known painting by Artist Harry C. Adamson. “With the Wind Blue Wing Teal.” With-The-Wind-Blue-Wing-Teal By Harry C Adamson a wildlife artist who arguably captured waterfowl on the wing better than anyone in the world.

We couldn’t have picked a better name for the gallery to honor Harry for his outstanding artwork! For the past 20 years, the Blue Wing Gallery has been representing and publishing Harry Adamson’s art.

Friday, Feb 3, 2023; 6pm – 8pm

Come see the show at at Blue Wing Gallery, 405 Main Street, Woodland