First Friday Art Walk Nov 3rd, 2023

About the Artist, Russ Reich

Inspired by daily life Russ see subjects that allow him to capture and manipulate their composition to the simplest geometrical shape. Whether it is a person in water, people standing on the beach, or a headlight on an old truck; it is the geometrical shapes that intrigues him most.

Once Russ selects a subject, his goal is not to capture or represent it as a whole; but rather communicate the patterns, textures, colors, and energy that he see and feels within each creative composition. He selects the medium which allows him to portray what he sees, and feels on paper or canvas.

Working with watercolor allows him to depict the transparency, and bleeds of colors within patterns. And, using oils Russ can create another dimension of the shapes.
Ultimately, the paintings he creates are a series of basic forms, shapes, patterns, textures, and colors converging together.

Some may see a graphic design element or architectural feel within Russ’ work, however, there is no conscious intention to communicate or express a subliminal message.
It is what it is, and he painted it because he liked the shapes.


Russell Reich has been creating visual images for more than 30 years. As a local Woodland resident, Russ studied under well-known and respected teachers from Woodland High School ~ Bob Gordon and Chuck Warner.

Russ completed the requirements for his Associates of Arts degree from American River College in 1986 and went on to complete the Graphic Design Certificate from UC Davis Extension.

Russ currently works as a Network Administrator for UC Davis Extension and continues to contribute his talents within the Woodland Community.

For more than 20 years he has painted the featured homes in the Stroll through History which the committee gives as a gift to the home owners.

Artistic Experience:

Illustrator – watercolor, acrylic, oil illustrations of various subjects.

Photographer – Wedding Photographer, videographer. For more than 25 years, Russ worked with longtime friend, Donna Van Dolah developing a photography business in Sacramento and Woodland.

Art Teacher – Woodland Art Center – former Vice President of the Woodland Art Center. Together with his wife, Vicki Reich both planned and implemented educational art classes for the children of Yolo County.

You can see his work at Blue Wing Gallery, 405 Main Street, Woodland