Susan Sarback March 4th Artist Reception

About the Artist, Susan Sarback

Growing up in New York City, I was surrounded by great art from an early age. Wandering through museums and galleries since I was a child, I developed a deep respect for art.  I began my formal study at an early age, attending an art high school and eventually receiving a bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Fine Art.  After years of studying both abstract painting and representational art, I was still searching for more knowledge about light and color. I eventually found an American Impressionist painter, Henry Hensche, who studied in the lineage of Charles Hawthorne, William Merritt Chase, and Claude Monet.  After years of study with Hensche, I began to see and paint how light affects color creating form, atmosphere, and space.

This approach to painting was based on visual perception of light and color.   For me, it was about clarity and honesty.  I became enthralled with capturing the qualities of light.

Over the years my work has evolved but mainly centers on refined visual perception.  I respond to subtle qualities and make them apparent through suggestion rather than description.     I love to see how these elusive qualities can capture the essence of a feeling, a time, or a place.

In ths exhibit, my paintings reflect the light and color of California landscapes through different seasons, weather conditions, and times of day. I’m most interested in capturing the quality of light, dramatic and subtle color shifts, and the surrounding atmosphere.

You can see her work at Blue Wing Gallery, 405 Main Street, Woodland