First Friday Art Walk April 6th 2018

Show Title: Captured Moments

Photography by Al Eby

Photography has been an interest to me for nearly as long as I can remember, I was inspired by my father.

In my later childhood my father was always doing something involving cameras and movie cameras. He taught me how to load the film onto the spiral and pop it in the tank. The process takes complete darkness. Incomplete darkness is just the same as “a little light” and light will fog the unprocessed film and quite probably ruin it.

Today I feel the whole darkroom process, along with the amount of time, energy, and tenacity it took to get even one image worth printing on paper, that has made me a better photographer along with all the trial and errors made with film.  As an adult photography became a natural way for me to reflect on my adventures and share them with you. My images encourage people to take time and notice something they would have otherwise overlooked.

I believe that the true treasures in life are the people we love, our family, our friends and the friends we have yet to meet. I hope you enjoy these captured moments.