First Friday March 2, 2018 Featured Artist Karen Anable-Nichols


Deconstructing Architecture

Acrylic Paintings by Karen Anable-Nichols

Architecture has been an area of personal interest to me for nearly as long as I can remember, but upon reflection I realize that I have come by this fascination by association in the most natural sense.  Throughout my childhood my father acquired houses, which he altered both internally and externally – drawing up plans and elevations with a precision I learned to appreciate at an early age.

The paintings in this series have been an attempt to record the architecture of my neighborhood in a different light, so to speak.  I’ve used homes and public buildings to inspire the angles and geometry in each piece.  For the most part, they are abstractions taken from the whole, with colors that are purely arbitrary to create a mood or a sense of excitement in their juxtaposition.

The hardedge precision style of painting pays homage to my father, John Sherrill, whose drawings were neat and strictly drafted. The color is simply for me and anyone else who enjoys the emotion that color can evoke.

I started creating this series in 2005 while still living in Southern California. We lived in a community of historic homes – ours built in 1897. I continued to add to the series after locating to the Sacramento area, being especially attracted to the older communities such as Woodland for architectural inspiration. They remind me so much of areas in the rural San Fernando Valley where I spent my childhood.